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The company ROGKAS is actively on site pumps since 1950 providing advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle and fluid control.

Founded in 1950 by Ioannis ROGKAS, the company has continually expanded and diversificied its business, to respond with innovative products and services to the specificy and changing needs of the world of water with a view to an increasingly closer and more specialized partnership with its customers.

Thanks to its exclusive and diversificied know-how, the most efficient, customized solutions are now supplied for applications such as: Industrial applications (food industry, chemical industry, etc..)

  •  Groundwater supply
  •  Irrigation and agriculture
  •  Infrastructure and Building
  •  Water supply for municipal services
  •  Water supply for domestic use
  •  Wastewater

All products provided by ROGKAS have a quality is guarantee and are fully covered by parts and after sales service.

Some of the largest companies which we cooperate with are: Grundfos, Caprari, Lowara, WILO, DAB, BBC, Calpeda, Ebara, Franklin, Flygt etc..

In an effort for continuous improvement of our services and products, the company ROGKAS is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

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